Trends in 2019 and 2020 that people deal with

It is said that trends dominate the world. When we see trends, we tend to lean towards it … Whether it concerns fashion, social networks or traveling. I observe the 9 trends that people are most concerned about. Let’s look at them together.

  1. Social networks

Who is not online, as if he did not live. Currently, people use social networks daily. Instagram and Facebook stories, photos, videos, information sharing. We depend on them because we want to show the world how do we feel, what do we do and where we are. Why? Because we would like to inspire others, share information, show them our lives. All soc. networks have become part of our lives.

  1. Traveling

Nowadays, airlines offer such cheap flying tickets, so that you can fly to a seaside destination for as little as 1 euro. Thanks to cheap flights, the demand for travel and knowledge of the world has increased. „If you want to get to know yourself and the world, travel.“ People began to quit their jobs and have decided to travel the world with the saved money. What is the reason? In my opinion, it is a feeling of freedom, relaxation, escape from reality, finding oneself.

  1. Vegan food

I cannot say that I do not notice the growing interest in veganism. People resort to other forms of eating. Is it because it’s a trend, or because they don’t want to consume animal products? Only they know the answer. On the internet, you will find a lot of “FOR” and “AGAINST” this kind of eating. And is this one of the big problems of the world? I’ll leave it to you.

  1. Organic food

Organic food is a food that grows without chemicals and with love. Organic foods are generally more expensive and healthier. Today we grow a whole crop massively, so when you have a choice between a cucumber for 0.20 euro and 1 euro, you probably buy it for 0.20 euros because it is cheaper and looks the same. I would like to see healthier foods at better prices than poor ones.

  1. Eco a plastics

Eco means everything that is produced in an environmentally friendly way. That kind of product must be environmentally friendly throughout its lifetime. And so people became more interested in this because companies began to produce more “ECO” products than before. Today you get almost everything from Eco products. One of the environmental problems is plastics. We have them almost everywhere. We live with them .. Clothes, phones, smart devices, food, household. The good news is that we began to wake up and we don’t want so much plastic around us anymore. And so we invent a new business from eco materials that we use and buy.

  1. Digital nomadism

If you don’t like working in the office from 9 am to 5 pm, this part will be for you. Do you know who the digital nomad is? A digital nomad is somebody who works from anywhere in the world, is free and manages time, space and work. Thanks to the internet and soc. networks we have created various jobs, which can be done remotely. You only need fast internet 😀

  1. Yoga and Meditation

Regular meditation can clear your mind, find answers to various questions you have, and get to know yourself better. If you do yoga in the morning, you will greatly start your day. Set up the right morning rituals to have lots of energy all day long.

  1. Sports and gym

If you want to look physically nice, you go to the gym. You find a trainer and he shows you exercises, sets up a tailor-made diet for you. Regular exercise will not only help your physicalist but especially you will look much more beautiful than before.

  1. Personal development

Do you know who you are and what your life mission is? If so, you have won.. at least according to your words. But many people around the world do not know what to do in their lives… They just walk, experience different situations and are not happy.  They are lost, cursing about everything around them and are negative. Thanks to personal development, motivation you can find yourself, know the limits of your strength, find out who you are and what to do to be successful.

These are the 9 trends I noticed that people most often sole. Do you know any others?