Thoughts in your mind

Do you often have a lot of thoughts chasing your mind during the day? If so, don’t despair, because it’s normal. Every day, we have about 50,000 thoughts in our minds. WOW!! That’s a lot! But what are these thoughts? How to approach them?

The idea can come into your mind just-so, at the speed of light and at the speed of light it can also disappear. Some of them are completely useless, some of them instructive. That thought can provoke different assumption like feelings of love, displeasure, hatred, aggression but also stress in the body. Let’s deal with the most common term: STRESS!!!

Thoughts and stress? 

Can a thought cause us stress? YES!! E.g. you sit and you drink coffee and suddenly a thought comes up in your mind: Hmm, in a week you have to pay your electricity bill, and the internet fee. What happens at this moment? You will probably get stressed and it will be harder to handle when you realize that you have to pay another 100 euros. Now it’s up to you how you act. So do you let yourself to be affected at that moment or not? How to deal with that thought? Just face it! Tell to yourself, that it is okay, thank you for reminding me.

I pay this invoice in time, I thank for the money I have and now leave me, I’m going to enjoy coffee. J

It depends on how you approach your thoughts.

„Thought can also kill. Therefore, check your thoughts and decide which is right and which does not belong to you. ”

If you want to reconsider your thoughts, just stop and get the answers to questions like: What is this thought? What does it want to tell me? Is that my thought? Does it want to help me to move forward, or does it just take a memory space in my hard drive? 😀

And now a little visualization. Imagine your vision in life, the vision of what you want to achieve. You think about it. BOOM! Nice feeling, isn’t it? But why do I type it …
When you will look for answers to various questions related to your life mission, the answers will come to your mind in the form of thoughts. You begin to catch them like a fisherman who catches the fish at sea, just to feed his family. Isn’t it a beautiful feeling when you catch those thoughts and take a paper note or phone and record those thoughts?

„Plant the seed of thought and be patient. After all, a large tree grows out of a small seed.“

That thought gradually gains power, and you only wonder what happens. Where are you in the period time, like in 6 months after the born of the first thought he was able to move. I gradually get to the source connection. Call it intuition, leadership, Universe – call it whatever you want.

Ask this „SOURCE“ to guide you right in your life every day. Ask questions, write your thoughts, and believe that one day you will turn behind you from the top of your dream mountain and say with humility and gratitude: WOW, see what you have overcome .. I am proud of you.

And all of this can be done by the 50,000 thought/day.

A few words at the end:

– watch your thoughts,
– thoughts can either throw you from the saddle to the ground or put you on your feet,
– decide on those thoughts that matter to you and those worth nothing, just remove them from your head
– be grateful for the thoughts that push you,
– the source will guide you in life and direct you in the right direction,
– don’t be surprised if thoughts lift you to another path. They have something to teach you,
– even in such a bad situation, they just have to teach you something.

How do you approach your thoughts? <)