Does motivation and inspiration make sense?

Imagine getting up from a bed in the morning, closing the alarm clock, wiping your eyes, having a coffee, and going to work where you’re just because you make quite a lot of money there. You return in the evening and you are mentally and physically K.O.
Let me ask you something: Do you think it’s great to live like this? Try to think deeply. If the answer is NO, this article is for you.

There is the 21st century and the boom of motivation is considerable. You look at social networks like Facebook, Instagram and you see various motivational quotes, videos, articles. There is a strong motivational boom than ever before. I think it’s great. Why is this so? People have decided to work hard for themselves, to seek for themselves, they would like to live the life of their dreams.

„Motivation makes sense, if you understand it, you look for it, and you want it to help you fulfill your dreams.“ otherwise it does not make any sense.

Where to look for motivation?

Anyone or anything can motivate you. It can be your parent, friend or a pet. You need to know your intention and use most of your motivation. On the internet, you will find a lot of great motivational speakers such as my favorite Les Brown, Jack Canfield. They have written many books, online training, and seminars around the world.

So, you can find it very quickly and easily.

What do I mean?

– motivation makes sense for people who want to work on themselves,
– motivation can be short-term but also long-term,
– nobody can take your motivation,
– use it as a tool that gets you from point A to point B,
– always work on yourself, you only have one life,
– you can also be a motivation and inspiration for anyone. Just share your experience.

Motivation has meaning in a person’s life. So use it and fulfill your goals. Watch interviews with people who have discovered their passion and have followed it hard. Now they live their dreamed lives.

Why would you say, that motivation does not make any sense? Think about it for a moment… When you have a problem and you want to solve it, you trust your friend. He or she listens to you. Maybe you will drink some wine or beer during this meeting.
But this moment could help you because you get some advice. Imagine that you have a daily motivation to live your desired life and it helps you to get out of total shit. You take it or not? I am saying that it is the motivation that can kick a person on top.

Just listen to recordings, words from people, your mind, perceive the world, perceive what people are talking about and the same thing will go. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!